A Personalized portfolio for Web3 investors

We provide real-time data and customized analysis to help you make informed decisions tailored to your needs.

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is exciting but is also incredibly hard.

95% of traders are losing money



are designed to get you to make
Emotion Trades

Social Media

Social Media

is always hyping some new coin or token. The system is designed to make you lose

At Nimbus we believe in
Systematic Investing

Crypto is a technology and an asset class that's here to stay and the only way to win is by systematically investing in it.

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Investment in easy mode in just 4 steps

Pick the right token for your portfolio

  • Fundamental Analysis

    Fundamental AnalysisComing Soon

    Access an asset's value based on financials and market factors for informed investment choices.
  • Correlation Compare

    Correlation CompareComing Soon

    Measure how two assets move together or apart, indicating their relationship strength and direction.
  • Past Performance

    Past Performance

    Learn from the past to react to the present and prepare for the future.
  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    Get to know risks factor that impacts your investment, remove the risk that you can't control.
  • Diversity


    Adjust your portfolio based on your risk tolerance, maximize returns.
  • Virtual portfolio testing

    Virtual portfolio testing

    Test your investment strategy in a simulated environment, apply to your real portfolio in seconds.
  • Position Monitor

    Position Monitor

    Monitor your position in real time, be informed of your investment everywhere, everytime.
  • Position Summary Daily

    Position Summary Daily

    Get summary of your investment position daily, monthly delivered on every channel you prefer.
  • Suggest Rebalance When Market Moves

    Suggest Rebalance When Market Moves

    Suggest rebalancing when the market moves, based on your risk tolerance and investment thesis.
  • When To Take Profit

    When To Take Profit

    Know when to take profit, when to cut losses that make your investment more profitable.
  • Copy From Others

    Copy From Others

    Invest in easy-mode by copying from experts, maximize your returns in minimum time.


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We help diversify your portfolio intelligently and make informed investment decisions that balance between risk and return

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Nimbus ?


Nimbus is a personalized portfolio tool that can help understand your current investment, and then reduce the risk and maximize the return

What make Nimbus different from others ?


What is benefit of using Nimbus ?


How can I enhance the security of my crypto investments ?



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Learning how to invest in the right way

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Nimbus is a rapidly growing portfolio analytics tool, providing users with real-time insights and analysis. As of March 2024, we have experienced significant growth and received major appreciation from foundations like SUI, TON, and more.

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Web3, popular among the young, offers high returns but also risks. The 2024 bull run raises questions about investing and risk minimization. Nimbus founder, Thanh Le, discussed these issues with Solana Vietnam's lead, Anh Tran, featuring the new LP Bot.

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Nimbus introduces an exciting new avenue - the first-ever playable site where your GM points can be leveraged to win Ton Tokens,GM Zodiac Elemental Box NFTs, and many more.