Fear and Greed Index Meter

Crypto Fear and Greed Index Meter, a comprehensive metric that offers insight into the emotional state of the cryptocurrency market. This index utilizes a multifaceted approach, incorporating factors such as volatility, social media sentiments, surveys, market momentum, and beyond. By amalgamating these key indicators, the index provides a nuanced understanding of the prevailing sentiments within the crypto space.

Market Sentiment


  • Now

    74 Greed

  • Yesterday

    70 Greed

  • Last Week

    72 Greed

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Frequently Asked Questions about Fear and Greed Index Meter

1. What is Fear and Greed Index Meter?


When the value is closer to 0, it signifies that the market is experiencing extreme fear. This means that investors are selling off their assets irrationally, driven by emotions rather than rational analysis. In this state, there may be a high level of panic selling, leading to sharp declines in cryptocurrency prices. Extreme fear can create opportunities for contrarian investors who believe that assets are being undervalued due to excessive pessimism. Conversely, when the value is closer to 100, it indicates extreme greed in the market. This suggests that investors are overly optimistic and enthusiastic, leading to a buying frenzy. In this state, there's a higher likelihood of a market correction, where prices may decline as a result of overvaluation and speculative excess. Extreme greed can be a warning sign for investors to exercise caution and consider taking profits or reducing exposure to riskier assets. The Fear and Greed from Nimbus using data from a reputable source

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