How Mobula helps Nimbus enhance user experience as a token tracker

Blockchain is changing rapidly; you can wake up and become a billionaire or your positions get liquidity called. It is like watching a YouTube video with 2x speed. Building in this space is cool, but it comes with the challenge of adapting your product day by day.
We started building Nimbus as a personalized portfolio tracker that serves various use cases for users, they can be
  • A trader
  • A holder
  • An Airdrop hunter
  • Yield farmer
Mobula is our friend, we come together to address many challenges on the journey to a personalized portfolio

Price feed

Then it comes with many challenges, and the very important part is price feed. Since the crypto market is well known for its volatility and never sleeps, the price can change dramatically in seconds, so bringing the latest, real-time price is hard. CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko is known as the best choice for price API, but it only supports token that has worked with them, and the process is usually around 2 weeks. And some project/token doesn’t even want to work with them, especially small cap/meme coin. We need a new way to serve our users.
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We have tried more than 5 solutions for our product, but there are many issues with them from accuracy and availability until we found Mobula.
Their API is fast and accurate, especially for Meme coins listed on DEX, it makes us enhance our user experience by a lot, especially for users that are meme coin day traders. So now we can get Meme coin prices using Mobula to serve our users. This is underserved by big guys like DeBank or Zerion.
We help a user find a 25$ in value of Meme coin that no other Portfolio can support
We help a user find a 25$ in value of Meme coin that no other Portfolio can support
We help users find their small treasure in meme coins, thanks to Mobula token price API 🙏

User’s transaction history

Crypto is new, and the user's experience is poor, you have a bunch of transactions which all the technical terms, and numbers you get from the Blockchain Explorer. But that’s things suck, my grandmother doesn’t understand. How can we convert them into human content is a big challenge for us.
We have tried labeling, and parsing user’s transactions before but the process is costly since there are so many transaction use cases and it keeps increasing. But it’s no longer with Mobula, portfolio tracker is now easier with them
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With Mobula API, the user's experience is far better, now they can
  • Labeling transaction type
  • Parse token changes inside a transaction
  • Filter transaction history by a token or type

Nimbus ❤️ Mobula

Building a product is hard, especially in the blockchain world, there will be many use cases and a lack of solutions, so you have to build your own or use other services with high cost. Mobula is our stop-station which gives us incredible support and excellent data in terms of accuracy and speed. Is this calling WAGMI 🙌?
Let’s see how we can together build cool things for users in this space 😼
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