Nimbus on SUI Campaign: Lottery System

Nimbus on SUI: Introducing Nimbus Lottery System

The lottery session is the most expected event to happen during the Nimbus on SUI campaign where everyone who has obtained the lottery tickets and used them for the biggest rewards
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At Nimbus, we believe in rewarding our community for their engagement and participation. Our latest campaign comes with an exciting reward structure designed to offer significant prizes and ensure fair distribution. Here's everything you need to know:

Prizes Up for Grabs

We're thrilled to announce the prizes for this campaign:
  1. Grand Prize: $1000
  1. Second Prize: $250 each (two winners)
  1. Third Prize: $100 each (five winners)
These rewards are substantial, and winning one can make a significant impact!

How to Claim Your Prize

If you're one of our lucky winners, here's how you can claim your prize:
  • Nimbus Account Inventory: Your prize will be credited to your Nimbus account as inventory.
  • Automatic Transfer: Once claimed, the reward will be automatically transferred to your SUI wallet, which you use to connect to Nimbus.
This process is seamless and ensures that you receive your prize quickly and securely.

Note: Besides tickets, Loot Boxes are still available till 31st May 2024

The Claim Period: Act Fast!

Winners have a window of 5 days to claim their rewards. If the prizes are not claimed within this period, Nimbus will collect the unclaimed rewards and redistribute them to the participants in the campaign. This approach ensures that all active participants have a fair chance at benefiting from the rewards pool.

About the lottery

Nimbus introduces a unique ticket exchange system designed to offer flexibility and enhanced rewards. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how the ticket exchange works:
To simplify how our lottery works, gold tickets have a 3 times higher chance to win the rewards compared to bronze tickets, and silvers will have a 2 times higher chance to win.

Introducing the Fair Incentive Mechanism

We want to make sure that everyone who contributes to the campaign has a chance to be rewarded. That's why we've introduced the Fair Incentive Mechanism. Here’s how it works:
  • Activation: This mechanism kicks in on the 7th day after the winners are announced.
  • Distribution: All holders of GM points will receive a percentage of the total unclaimed rewards based on the number of GM points they hold.

How It Works

Let's break it down with an example:
  • Suppose you hold 10,000 GM points.
  • If the total circulating GM points are 2,000,000, you hold 0.5% of the total.
  • You will receive 0.5% of the prize pool from the unclaimed rewards.
This fair distribution ensures that everyone who has participated and holds GM points gets a share of the rewards, proportional to their contribution.

Why Fair Incentives Matter

The Fair Incentive Mechanism ensures that the rewards are not wasted and are redistributed to active participants. This approach fosters a sense of community and encourages continuous engagement in Nimbus campaigns.

Get Ready for the Nimbus Lottery on SUI

The Nimbus Lottery System on SUI promises to be an exhilarating experience for all participants. With the opportunity to win significant prizes and the assurance of fair reward distribution, there's never been a better time to join the Nimbus community.

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