Nimbus GM Zodiac Pioneer Airdrops

Looking to make the most of your GM points? Nimbus introduces an exciting new avenue - the first-ever playable site where your GM points can be leveraged to win Ton Tokens, GM Zodiac Elemental Box NFTs, and many more.
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Event Periods:

7:00 UTC +7, Mar 21st 2024 - 00:00 UTC+7, Mar 31st, 2024

How to join:

  • Connect your X account
  • Complete social task
  • Use your unique referral code for more GM points
  • Use your GM points for Gacha

Rewards structure:

The Nimbus GM! Zodiac Pioneer Airdrops offer a tiered reward system, with something for everyone. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:
Drops Rates
10 Gachas
100 Gachas
1000 Gachas
Star Map
GM points
Notice: A Ton wallet is your essential passport to claim your celestial rewards.

What are GM Zodiac Elemental NFTs?

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Nimbus GM Zodiac Element Boxes is a collection of 400, each representing a zodiac sign and inspired by Greek mythology. These elements are anticipated to profoundly influence the progression and future of Nimbus. Keep an eye out for more details which will be revealed.
Pro tips: Sharing a referral code and exploring Nimbus is your secret weapon for maximizing your GM points!

How to create a Ton wallet?

The Ton blockchain offers a vast array of wallet options. Based on our community's stellar experiences, we highly recommend Ton Keeper. Here's a guide to setting up your wallet:
  1. Download and install the My Ton Wallet
  1. Click "Create new wallet" and launch the setup process.
  1. Write down and securely store your seed phrase (24 words) - crucial for access.
  1. Verify the seed phrase and set a password.
  1. Enjoy your new TON wallet!
For those seeking alternative routes, you can explore other wallet options through this helpful Nimbus blog post: Top 5 TON Wallets: Find the Perfect One for You
Join the Nimbus GM! Zodiac Pioneer Airdrops, and embark on a celestial adventure unlike any other!

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