Nimbus Monthly Update: Mar 2024

Nimbus is a rapidly growing portfolio analytics tool, providing users with real-time insights and analysis. As of March 2024, we have experienced significant growth and received major appreciation from foundations like SUI, TON, and more. While pursuing our mission to become the best portfolio analytics tool for web3 users, we ensure that no one is left behind. That's the main reason for us to release this recap.
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One Year at Nimbus

It's has been 1+ years for Nimbus team keep on building and chasing the mission of bringing the best product for the real DEGENs. We has made substantial progress in this short period, introducing innovative solutions to make cryptocurrency portfolio management more accessible and efficient for its users.

Networks that we grow with:

To become the best portfolio analytics, we must support the best protocols. SUI, TON, SOLANA are the trio that Nimbus has been focus last month, we have had establish relationshipn with 3 foundation, provide the ecosystem users a better way to track their tokens, NFTs and DeFi positions.
Sui, a permissionless, Proof-of-Stake-powered, layer 1 blockchain, is designed to offer instant settlement and high throughput. It supports a wide range of advanced, next-generation decentralized applications. Sui is known for its flexibility and sensitivity to high latency. As one of the fastest-growing L1 protocols, it ranks among the top 10 in the rapidly expanding DeFi sector. Nimbus' mission is to empower Sui users by providing them with tools to track their portfolio performance effectively. It aims to supply crucial data that users need to make informed decisions about their assets.
Talk about fast growing L1, Solana deserves a mention. Its token has appreciated tenfold within a single year. This growth has spurred the entrance of an increasing number of DeFi protocols, especially DEXs. Sensing the potential, our founder, Thanh Le, held a special interview with Anh Le, the Regional Head of the Solana Team in Vietnam. During this discussion, they introduced the new LP bot, a tool designed to help users mimic the positions of market whales.
TON is creating a new wave as a community-driven L1, designed specifically to execute fast transactions and support various dApps, predominantly DeFi. Nimbus is proud to be one of the projects that received grants from the foundation. This support will accelerate our mission to make Nimbus the best portfolio tracking tool for non-EVM chains.
As we look to the future, we have a robust pipeline of enhancements and features in the works, underscoring our commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry. Our growth trajectory is accelerating at an unprecedented rate, and we are eager to continue this momentum.
Nimbus is not just growing - we are thriving, and we are excited about what the future holds!

GM Pioneers - a new GTM for Nimbus

As our team grows, we've launched a campaign called GM Zodiac Pioneers. Users can participate, earn GM points, and exchange these points for special rewards. Over 10,000 users have joined the campaign, pushing Nimbus past 20,000 monthly active users.
Our new GTM strategy is straightforward. It focuses on establishing relationships with major foundations, supporting their best protocols, onboarding new users to the ecosystem, and returning incentives to Nimbus and partner communities.

Looking Ahead

As Nimbus moves into its second year, the team is planning big things for April. With new integrations, news, and a brand-new campaign, Nimbus is ready to offer its users more ways to demonstrate their commitment to being real GM Pioneers.
Stay tuned for more updates from Nimbus as they continue to innovate and disrupt the crypto portfolio management space.

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