Nimbus on SUI Campaign: REWARDS

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The Nimbus on SUI campaign is nearing its conclusion on May 31st, and we’re excited to share more details on how you can win from the $8000 prize pool, courtesy of Nimbus and our partners.

How Do Rewards Work?

At Nimbus, we're taking a different approach. Instead of distributing small airdrops to everyone, we’ve designed a unique mechanism to incentivize all participants in the Nimbus on SUI campaign.

Loot Boxes 📦

Approximately 60% of the rewards will be distributed in the form of Loot Boxes, which can be purchased with your GM points. These Loot Boxes are filled with exciting rewards including $SUI, $FLX, Alpha Codes, Explorer Codes, and additional GM points.

There're 2 types of Loot Boxes

📦 Paper: Contain $SUI, $FLX, GMs, Explorer, and Alpha Code 📦 FlowX: Contain the same as Paper, but a higher drop rate for $SUI, $FLX, Explorer, and Alpha Codes

Lottery Session 🎟️

The remaining rewards pool will be allocated to a lottery session. Here, your tickets play a crucial role. The higher your rank, the better your chances of winning in the lottery.

What’s a Ticket?

Tickets are Nimbus' innovative way to incentivize all participants in the Nimbus on SUI campaign. On the last day, all ticket holders will be captured in a snapshot, followed by a fair and transparent raffle. Winners will be randomly selected, with higher-ranked tickets increasing your chances of winning fantastic prizes.

Other Rewards 🎁

In addition to the main items of the Nimbus on SUI Campaign, other exclusive items from Nimbus Partners will be available for purchase using a specified amount of GM points.
Join us as we wrap up this exciting campaign and make the most of your GM points and tickets for a chance to win incredible rewards!

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