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If you are a DeFi enthusiast, you know how challenging it can be to keep track of your investments across multiple platforms, both on-chain and centralized. You also know how rewarding it can be to find the best yield farming opportunities and optimize your returns. But what if there was a tool that could help you do both, and more?

Tracking your crypto investments

Introducing Nimbus, the ultimate DeFi dashboard that lets you monitor, manage, and maximize your DeFi portfolio. Nimbus is a web app that connects to your wallet and exchanges and gives you a comprehensive overview of your assets, performance, risk, and opportunities. Nimbus also helps you discover and access the best yield farming strategies, based on your preferences and risk appetite.
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But Nimbus is not just a dashboard. It is also a community of DeFi enthusiasts who share their insights, tips, and feedback on the platform. Nimbus users can also participate in governance, earn rewards, and access exclusive features and benefits.

0% interest loans on Arbitrum

One of the features that Nimbus users can enjoy is the integration with TheStandard, a revolutionary DeFi protocol that offers 0% interest loans on Arbitrum. TheStandard allows you to lock up major ERC20s like WBTC, LINK, ARB WETH and PAGX and then borrow a stablecoin without paying any interest, as long as you maintain a minimum collateral ratio of 110%. You can use your borrowed funds to leverage your positions, diversify your portfolio, or access liquidity.
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TheStandard is powered by its native token, TST, which is used for governance, rewards, and staking. By staking TST, you can earn passive income from the protocol fees, you can also vote on important decisions that affect the protocol, such as adding new tokens, adjusting parameters or upgrading features.
Nimbus and TheStandard have partnered to offer their users a seamless and synergistic experience. By using Nimbus, you can easily access TheStandard loans from your dashboard, without having to switch platforms or wallets. You can also monitor your loan status, repayments, and collateral ratio from Nimbus, and get alerts and notifications when needed.
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Nimbus and TheStandard are two innovative and complementary projects that aim to empower DeFi users with the best tools and services. By joining forces, they are creating a strong and vibrant community that supports each other and contributes to the growth of the DeFi ecosystem.
If you want to learn more about Nimbus and TheStandard, visit their websites at and You can also join their social media channels and chat with their teams and users. Don't miss this opportunity to take your DeFi game to the next level with Nimbus and TheStandard

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