Nimbus receives $15,000 grant from Covalent

Hello community,
With great pleasure we have been the recipient for a $15,000 grant from the Covalent team! This is great product validation that we are on the right track!

What Covalent does to power our project today

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With Covalent, we can help our users to start token holding faster and easier, without any hassle or delay.
We expand to new chains seamlessly, so we can reach more potential customers and grow our network. Moreover, Covalent provides us with accurate and reliable data, updated within minutes, so we can always make informed decisions and optimize our performance.

How this grant will help further Nimbus project

This grant will enable us to take the Nimbus project to the next level by integrating more chain functionality, bringing more insightful data for users, and adding deep data when token staking for providing liquidity. These features will enhance the user experience and the value proposition of our platform, as well as foster innovation and collaboration in the blockchain ecosystem.
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By bringing more insightful data for users, we will be able to provide them with more relevant and actionable information about the performance, risks, and opportunities of their investments and strategies. This will help them make better informed decisions and optimize their returns, as well as increase their trust and engagement with our platform.
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By adding deep data when token staking for providing liquidity, we will be able to give them overview of each positions on-chain and the reward
We are very excited about the potential impact of this grant on the Nimbus project and the blockchain industry. We believe that by implementing these features, we will be able to deliver a more comprehensive, user-friendly, and innovative platform that will empower our users and partners to achieve their goals and visions. WAGMI 🙌
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