Our DCA tool is better than other DCA tools 😎

Every investment strategy needs a different level of knowledge and effort. Trade always gains more than DCA, but it needs huge knowledge in trading and effort to do so. If you want to have the same level gain of trader, you need to reach that level of expertise. Otherwise, you are lost.
Research says 95% of people lose when they trade
So let's DCA and use your time to enjoy life

DCA is King 👑 How can Nimbus bring your throne?

TLDR: Go to https://getnimbus.io/dca and enjoy our DCA plan
Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) is an investment strategy that involves regularly investing a fixed amount of money at predetermined intervals (e.g., monthly or quarterly) into a particular asset

How does it help?

  • Remove emotional
  • Super small effort, big return
  • Don't need to care much about the market
Enjoy your life while getting more wealth 😌

How to get started?

Before starting DCA, you need to clearly answer 2 questions
  1. Do you believe that the assets keep growing for at least 5 years
  1. When to DCA in, and When to DCA out
For the current downtrend, we only believe in Bitcoin and ETH We don't think any other token can live or grow for more than 5 years. ADA is an example
Ada chart
notion image

Then the next question, when to DCA in and when to DCA out?

At Nimbus, we build an indicator to detect when there is a downtrend and when there is an uptrend. Just DCA in when it is downtrend and sell when uptrend


Nimbus vs Other DCA tool We only take 10k and return 15% in profit while other tools give you a loss
Nimbus vs Other tools
notion image
Enough talking, show me!
🍳 Enjoy cooking your DCA plan
That is just a small feature to help our investors, there will be more exciting things to come
  • More advantage plans that help you gain more
  • Prebuilt strategy, that you just need to copy and earn
Nimbus is a personalized portfolio that can help you track your tokens in multiple places and optimize your earning

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