It's now live - Nimbus on SUI

In celebration of our successful integration with the SUI Chain, Nimbus is thrilled to introduce innovative features that allow everyone to engage actively and earn GM points.
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Nimbus on SUI Campaign

After securing a grant from SUI, we're bringing "Nimbus on SUI" campaign where anyone can access and grind for GM points, which can be used to open special loot boxes for tokens. With the support from our friends, we have accelerated the prizes pool up to $8000.
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Our Partners:

  • FlowX: Your go-to trading platform for a seamless trading experience.
  • Scallop: A simple decentralized neobank that bridges fiat with cryptocurrency.
  • Walless: A customized Web3 wallet tailored for enhanced brand engagement.
And there's more on the horizon!

Event Details:

  • Duration: May 13th - May 31st

How to Participate:

1️⃣ Connect your wallet to code required for initial access, available through Nimbus and partner channels).
2️⃣ Complete social and on-chain tasks to accumulate GM points.
3️⃣ Utilize your referral codes to maximize points.
4️⃣ Redeem GM points for various rewards in our Store.

Introducing QUEST on Nimbus

QUEST is our latest feature on Nimbus, combining social and on-chain activities. This new addition lets participants earn GM points, which are redeemable for exciting rewards.

Key Features:

  • Social Quests: Engage with activities like liking, sharing, retweeting, and joining communities. Each social quest rewards up to 100 GMs. The more you support your favorite projects, the more points you earn.
  • On-Chain Quests: Participate in on-chain activities such as providing liquidity, swapping, lending, and borrowing. These are seamlessly tracked by Nimbus' innovative features.
  • Flip The GMs: Engage with your favorite chains risk-free. Incur only the gas fees and receive substantial rewards.

Rewards Store:

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Exchange your GM points for loot boxes containing tokens, gift codes, or additional GM points. Alternatively, purchase special tickets for a chance to win major prizes.
Note: We offer three types of tickets:
  • Bronze: Always available.
  • Silver: 2x winning rate compare to bronze, available during the campaign.
  • Gold: 3x winning rate compare to bronze, also available during the campaign.
Stay updated by following our social media channels for more information.
By integrating these robust features, QUEST on Nimbus redefines interactive missions on the blockchain, ensuring security, transparency, and authenticity in every interaction.

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