The alpha version is out 🎉

Our team is so so excited to release the Alpha version 🐣
After the last uptrend and downtrend, we know that lots of people have lost in this market. Maybe it is because of FOMO, because of you trust some fake KOL, you don’t know much how investment works, you want to become a trader…
It was an exciting experience, but in the end, 95% of people lost money when trading
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No matter how much you win or lose, we believe that investment should be simpler you just need to put in money, set some initial steps and then back to your joyful life.
With that vision, we want to build Nimbus that supports your investment journey that easy
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Let’s dig into how we actually can make your investment journey into easy-mode 🧘‍♀️

Tracking your investment anywhere

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We know how important it is to have a complete picture of your crypto portfolio. That's why we created a tool that can track all your investments, whether they are on-chain or off-chain, like on centralized exchanges.
With our tool, you can access all your data in one place and see how your portfolio is performing. We are excited to help you achieve your crypto goals!

Simplify investment terms/metrics

How do you know whether your portfolio is performing well or not? We give the metrics for you so you can compare it to Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Average number of top 100 tokens by CoinMarketCap
Moreover, we made a short video to clearly explain what is Sharpe Ratio, Volatility, or Max Drawdown

Deep dive on every single token you’re holding

If you invest in diversified cryptos, we visualize every single token in terms of risk and returns so you can easily compare and take action based on that.

Reduce risk and gain more

How to improve my investment? Quick way: follow who performs best in the market and then learn from them.
You know the wallet result, not just some shilling messages from fake KOL in social
In this section, you will discover how to gain more return on your investments and create a successful portfolio that will make you proud.

Yield farming suggestion

Make your token work for you by exploring yield farming opportunities. If you have experience in this space, we believe yield farming is the way to boost your gain with little to no effort

Lots more exciting things to come

We understand that our app will get no value if we can not evolve with our users. Let’s try our app today with Unlimited access on The Alpha phase, give us feedback on what you like and what you hate, that helps us a lot.
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