Your Solana Recap 2023 - Claim NFT Personalized

Tell the story of your journey on Solana 2023 right here at NimBus - Personalized Claim NFT

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  • Your Solana Recap 2023 - Claim NFT Personalized [Airdrop].
  • Solana - The chain for people.
  • NFT is growing strong on Solana.
  • Lots of airdrops are coming.
  • Manage your Solana investment with Nimbus.

Your Solana Recap 2023 - Claim NFT Personalized

In 2023, Solana underwent significant usability and innovation updates. Therefore, we have decided to provide you with personalized NFTs to commemorate your journey with Solana throughout an impressive 2023.
Celebrate the 2023 journey for multiple use cases, transact, and pay your minimum fees on Solana right at Nimbus.
Personalized Mint NFT corresponding to the conditions below:
  • Fork It: → if you are hugging Mad Lad.
  • Friends of BONK: → If BONK increases more than 20x in your portfolio.
  • SOL Explorer: → To generate an airdrop worth more than 20% of your portfolio
  • True Holder: → your trust in Solana is unparalleled (just have $SOL in your wallet).
This also marks our first NFT collection released to the friendly user base within the Solana ecosystem, aligning with Nimbus's future plans.
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Minting fee:
  • The first 100 people are free
  • The next 200 is 0.01 SOL ~ 1$
  • And then 0.02 SOL ~ 2$
🌟 Mint your NFT here:

Solana - The chain for people

Solana is well known for super small gas fees, high throughput, and fast, bringing the blockchain to the people. Imagine if we have a universe in which Solana doesn’t exist, and you end up paying a ton of money in gas fee.
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Despite Solana's price surging 10x in the past year, the gas fees remain remarkably low. You can mint an NFT for $0.0081, while on other chains, it costs $2.9—making it 360x cheaper.
Explore your 2023 transactions, showcasing the negligible gas fees paid and the diversification of your portfolio on Solana.
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NFT is growing strong on Solana

The NFT ecosystem on Solana has experienced massive volume growth, featuring notable collections like:
  • Mad Lad
  • SMB
Among them, the Mad Lad collection stands out, expanding the ecosystem on Solana with core components such as:
  • Wallet with Backpack
  • Backpack Exchange with Dubai license
  • And lots of airdrop for its owner
→ At Nimbus, we are bullish for NFT in Solana.
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Lots of airdrops are coming

2023 brings major projects to Solana, featuring airdrops for users with your protocol. You might have earned or missed some significant airdrops on Solana, but there are many more in the coming year.
Some notable projects include (NFA):
  • Jupiter
  • Kamiko
  • MagicEden
  • Marginfi
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→ And next, we at Nimbus will bring everyone even bigger surprises not just [Airdrop] in the future.
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Manage your Solana investment with Nimbus

Nimbus is a personalized portfolio to help you easily manage your Web3 investment in one single place.
We supported:
  • 30+ exchanges
  • 16+ chains
  • 10+ metrics tailored for investors
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** Thank you SuperTeam VN for making this happen, we’re so proud to be a part of the team. Thank you for your belief in Solana, WE ARE GONNA MAKE IT 🙌

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