Notcoin started as a viral Telegram game that onboarded many users into web3 through a tap-to-earn mining mechanic. $NOT is a community token * Explore: users earn when discover web3 products * Play: users participate in new games and get more * Contribute: users earn by adding value to the ecosystem * Offer: web3 builders can offer their products to the community via Notcoin campaigns

What tools does Nimbus offer for effortlessly monitoring Notcoin?

Nimbus provides a user-friendly tracking solution equipped with intuitive tools to monitor Notcoin effortlessly. These tools are specifically designed for user convenience, allowing individuals to stay seamlessly updated on the latest trends, prices, and information related to Notcoin. Users can also explore the world of cryptocurrency effortlessly while simultaneously tracking Notcoin prices. The platform also offers insights into profit and loss, providing a comprehensive experience without the complexity typically associated with monitoring cryptocurrencies.

How does Nimbus enable tracking Notcoin prices with profit and loss?

Nimbus facilitates the tracking of Notcoin prices with profit and loss through seamless integration with your crypto wallet for portfolio monitoring. By connecting with your crypto wallet, Nimbus provides a clear and comprehensive overview of various metrics, including profits, losses, revenue, expenses, return on investment (ROI), and other essential financial indicators. This integration ensures that users can analyze their cryptocurrency portfolio with precision, gaining valuable insights into their financial performance. With Nimbus, users can navigate the cryptocurrency landscape with a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, enhancing their ability to make informed investment decisions.

How does Nimbus analyze Notcoin, and what insights does it provide?

Certainly! Nimbus possesses a robust analysis tool that is adept at evaluating and interpreting Notcoin . The tool employs diverse strategies, including delving into metadata details, tracking marketplace data, and calculating performance metrics such as Return on Investment (ROI). Through these methodologies, Nimbus provides users with valuable insights into the composition and performance of their Notcoin. Users can gain a comprehensive understanding of their investment. The analysis tool ensures that users are equipped with the necessary information to navigate the cryptocurrency landscape with confidence and intelligence.

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NOT Market Statistics

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  • Total Supply

    102,719,221,714.00 NOT
  • Circulating Supply

    102,719,221,714.00 NOT
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