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Why let your BEAM stagnate when you can dynamically grow your wealth? With Nimbus, you gain access to meticulously curated yield farming opportunities tailored specifically for yourBEAM portfolio. It's time to elevate your crypto strategy and amplify your BEAM earnings!

Why BEAM Yield Farming?

BEAM yield farming is more than just a trend; it's a strategic move to maximize gains. By participating inBEAM-based decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, you provide liquidity and receive attractive yields. Nimbus takes the complexity out of the process, guiding you to the most rewarding opportunities within theBEAM ecosystem.

1. What Is Beam? (Beam)?


The $BEAM token serves as the native crypto asset for the Beam network, a gaming network empowered by the Merit Circle DAO. Beam is an ecosystem where gamers and developers come together to shape the future of the gaming industry. One of its core components is the Beam SDK, which is a flexible software development kit that enables game developers to choose between a variety of tools that can be used to fuel and structure their in-game blockchain elements. To interact with Beam, $BEAM is required. This is the native crypto asset used within the Beam network to pay for transactions. This not only includes transfers of assets but also involves all interactions with smart contracts on the Beam network, facilitating a seamless, immersive gaming experience. Besides functioning as a gas token that fuels the Beam network, $BEAM is the heart of the governance of the Merit Circle DAO. This decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) was brought to live in early 2021 to revolutionize the gaming industry. The $BEAM token allows its holders to participate in governance of this DAO.

2. How Many BEAM Coins Are There in Circulation?


3. Who Are the Founders of BEAM ($BEAM)?


4. Where Can I Buy BEAM ($BEAM)?


5. What is Blockchain?


6. What is Cryptocurrency?


7. What is Bitcoin?


8. What is the difference between Bitcoin and Altcoins?


9. What is Staking?


10. How Can I Stake Cryptocurrency?


11. What Are Staking Rewards and How Are They Calculated?


12. Can I Unstake My Cryptocurrency at Any Time?


13. What are the Risks of Staking?


14. Can I Lose Money by Staking?


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