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👀 On-chain & CEX tracking

We help you track your investment on Binance, CoinBase, Bybit,… and the biggest chains like Zeta, Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BNB, Base,...

📊 Investment metrics

(PnL, Volatility, Returns, Sharpe ratio,…): Most other tools only show what you have right now, but with Nimbus, we give you advantage analysis so you can get your PnL, portfolio volatility, Sharpe ratio, money flow,… You can understand what is going on with your investment, and what the next step to do.

🐳 Hand-picked Whale analysis

The easiest way to gain in this market is to follow the whale, with our hand-pick whale list, you can get their insight, and then make a huge profit like them

👩‍🌾 Zeta Yield farming suggestion

Don't just let your token stay the same, we turn your holding into passive income by suggesting yield farming opportunities

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Swap your crypto assets without leaving the app and catch all the trending coins. We prioritize user satisfaction, offering the simplest and most user-centric swapping experience available. Say goodbye to complex processes and hello to intuitive, hassle-free crypto asset exchanges.

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